Geography, People and the Planet Keywords

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Youthful population
This is when there is a very percentage of people under the age of 15
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Ageing population
This is when a country has a large number of people over age of 65 in their country
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Population policies
are measures taken by a country to influence poulation size,growth,distribution or composition
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Pro-natalist policies
Policies to encourgae people to have more children,for example by providing child benefits
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Anti-natalist policies
Policies to encourage people to have fewer children ,for example by providing free election fot the firrst child only.
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A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community towards some cause or position
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A naturally occuring substance
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Food security
The ability to obtain sufficient amount of food
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Food insecurity
The difficulty to obtain sufficient amount of food
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These will never run out and can be used over and over again,e.g. wind and solar power
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These are meeting the needs of people now, without preventing future generations from meeting their needs e.g. biofuels
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These are being used up and cannot be replaced. They are sometimes known as finite resources
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Black gold
another name for oil because it is such a valuable commodity
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Finite resource
A resource that is restricted or limited
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Peak oil
The point at which oil production reaches its maximum level and then declines
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Sustainable Development
meets the needs of the present and the future
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Ecological Footprint
all the area of land and sea that supplies all of the resources that you need to live
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Economic activity
any activity or employment that is carried out for money
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Primary industry
raw materials from the ground
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secondary industry
manufactoring with raw materials
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Teritary industry
provide a service
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where mainly agricutural society develops and begins to depend on manufatoring, The secondary secotr expands rapidly
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The decline in manufactoring industry and the growth in teritary and qauternary industry,usually the teritary industry expands
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Ageing population


This is when a country has a large number of people over age of 65 in their country

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Population policies


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Pro-natalist policies


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Anti-natalist policies


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