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2. longshore drift is the movement of what along a coast

  • sick
  • fish
  • material
  • people

3. what is abrasion

  • this is w hen the waves fling sand and pebbles agaist the rocks
  • hh h
  • jkjjj
  • bbhhhn

4. what is attrition

  • gjnfgkngf
  • this is when rocks get knocked togeather so hard they beome smaller
  • rgnjgfgjfn
  • vgfngkdfgknj

5. what are the 4 types of erosion

  • gjhigiorgirtjnbrtj
  • abrasion, attrition, hydrolic action and solution
  • trjntgjdirjugfn
  • fgkngjknnfgfgdnjdfg


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