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  • Geography!
    • Brazil
      • The south east of brazil is the most crowded part.
      • Most Brazilians live on or near the coast.
      • Very few people live in the rainforest area. The centre of Brazil is sparsely populated
      • Lots of people are moving into the cities because......
        • Push Factors: There is no work in the villages. Not very good schools.
        • Pull Factors: There are lots of jobs in the city. There are lots of things to do. Lots of good schools. Lots of shops.
      • A Favela is an areas of slum housing built by squatters on spare land. The disadvantages or problems and advantages.
        • Disadvantages or Problems: Overcrowded, crime and violence, few proper jobs, poverty, houses are poor quality, poor access to health care, poor levels of sanitation, few roads so everything is carried, land slides are common, few places to play.
        • Advantages: Close community, self help, cheap to live, near to wealthy areas-jobs, great views, samba schools
        • Rocinha is a favela it has over 100,000 people.
        • Squatters: People that are using land belonging to someone else without there permission.
      • Sustainable ways of developing the amazon rainforest......
        • Replant trees after mining, selective logging (Some trees in some areas), Rubber tapping+spice growing, Ecotourisum-envirometal holidays, Rainforest reserves-cant be disturbed, protect the culture of te Indians.
    • Sparsely populated: Very few people live there.
    • Densely populated: Lots of people live there.
    • Italy
      • Economy: The way a country uses its money' goods, and services.
      • Primary Industries gather materials from the earth. e.g. farming, fishing, mining.
      • Secondary Industries turn raw material into finished products that can be sold. e.g. cars, phones, clothes.
      • The Tertiary sector means offering a service. e.g. doctors, police.
      • Quaternary Industaries are generally involved in research and development. e.g. research scientists, web designers.
      • The North is cooler and wetter in the summer and colder in the winter.
      • The South is hotter and drier in the summer and mild and wetter in the winter.
      • In the North of Italy you can get to other countries so the people in the north get more money from other countries.
      • The farming in the south of Italy is different because in the south the soil is thin and it is steep and hilly, the climate is hot and dry and there is not enough water to water the crops.
      • Aliano is in the south of Italy which is the poorest.
      • In Aliano no new buildings are being built because of soil erosion and buildings are falling over the cliff. There are limited jobs in Aliano, also you don't earn much money being a farmer.


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