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what is water ?
water is particles that's keep us hydrated and is essential to all life on earth
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what is precipitation
rain, hail,sleet,snow that falls from the clouds
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what is condensation
when water vapour cools and turns into clouds
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what's is evaporation
when the sun heats up water from the sea and it goes into the air
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what is transpiration
when the sun heats up water from the leaves of trees
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what's are three ways on how the rainfall reaches the river
surface run off
through flow
ground water flow
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what work does rivers do ?
1.rivers erode the banks
2.rivers carry away material
3.rivers drop material
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what are the three ways rivers do their work?
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what is abrasion
rocks carried along the river wear down the river bed and banks
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what is attrition
rocks being carried by the river smash together and break into smaller, smoother round particles
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what's hydraulic action
the force of the river against the banks causes air to be trapped in cracks, the pressure weakens the banks and gradually wears it away
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soluble particles are dissolved into the river
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what do geographers call the material a river carries
a load
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what does solution mean
minerals are dissolved in the water and carried along in solution
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what does suspension mean
light material is carried along in the water
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what is saltation
small pebbles are bounced along the river bed in a leap frog movement
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what is traction
large boulders and rocks are rolled along the river bed
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what is deposition
what a river loses energy it will drop some of the materials is was carring
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when does deposition occur
1.when a river enters an area of shallow water
2.when the volume of water decreases
3.towards the end of a rivers journey
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what are the tree stages of a river
1. upper course
2.middle course
3.lower course
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name three ways a river changes...
1.narrow river channel
2.river gets wider and deeper
3.much wider as it enters the sea
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what is a waterfall
a waterfall is a geological formation where flowing water rapidly drops in height as it flows over a steep area or a cliff
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what part of the river are waterfalls found in
upper course
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what is a meander and where are they found ?
a meander is a bend in the river and are usually found in the middle course of the river
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what is flooding
flooding occurs when a river gets more water in it, than its channel can hold then the river bursts its banks into the floodplain.
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physical causes of flooding:
1.soild and rock type
2.vegetation type and coverage
3.precipitation, amount and duration
4.the relief of the land
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human causes of flooding:
3.increased population
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what is a positive and negative impact to flooding ?
positive: flooding deposits a fine slit onto the floodplain making it very fertile and perfect for farming
negative:flooding can cause devastating damage to homes and possessions.
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what is flood management ?
flood management schemes aim to control flooding and reduce the risk of flooding
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what is hard engineering
these are artificial and man made features that are added to the river
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what is soft engineering
these tend to work with the river in a more natural way
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what is precipitation


rain, hail,sleet,snow that falls from the clouds

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what is condensation


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what's is evaporation


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