Genetic Factors of Aggression

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1. Which study found that children with variant of the MAOA gene, produced less of MAOA but only showed aggressive behaviour if maltreated during childhood?

  • Brunner et al.
  • Young et al.
  • Caspi et al.
  • Theilgaard
  • Plomin et al.
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2. Issue with genetic factors of aggression in terms of real world application

  • Provides an excuse for violent crimes, takes away their responsibility for the crime, this causes distress for the victims and their families and friends and is damaging for society as a whole
  • Mandel said that the theory was monocausal
  • Must be generalised with caution as its too simplistic

3. Extra Y chromosomes in males leads to...

  • Increased testosterone levels, which is associated with aggressive behaviour
  • Low testosterone levels which reduces aggressive behaviour
  • Increased aggressive behaviour

4. Issue of Young et al.

  • Generalise with caution to humans
  • Too simplistic
  • Not specific enough in what gene mutates

5. What did Miles and Carey find?

  • 50% of variation in aggressive behaviour was due to genetic influence
  • There was a significant number of adopted individuals with criminal convictions that had biological parents with criminal history
  • Genetic mutation in mice caused violence in the mice
  • In a replication of Bandura's bobo doll study there was no difference in MZ and DZ aggressive behaviour


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