Genetic factors in aggressive behaviour

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Psychology unit 3 aggression revision
Genetic factors in aggressive behaviour
Coccaro showed that genes affect aggression as he found that, whilst investigating
4 types of aggression (indirect assault, verbal assault, direct assault and
irritability) using questionnaires on male twins, for direct assault, 47% was due to
genetic factors. However genes aren't the only factor as the percentage was not
100% as it should be for twins and genes are only related to certain types of
Hutchings and Mednick found that genes influence aggression as they found, whilst
studying 14,000 adopted people from Denmark, that the biggest predictor of
aggression in a child is if their father is a criminal, showing that genes are more
important than the environment in terms of influencing levels of aggression.
large sample- generalise to more of the population
separates genetic factors from environmental factors


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