Gender Identity

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1. Manipulation, Canalisation, Verbal Appellations and Different Activities are 4 main ways that _______takes place?

  • Gender Socialisation
  • Teaching right from wrong
  • Stereotyping
  • Socialisation
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2. What is this defining?- the biological differences between males and femals and usually consists of 6 major components

  • Masculine
  • Feminine
  • Sex
  • Gender

3. What was the overal research about?

  • Role-play with children.
  • Teaching young children to behave in an expected manner.
  • Childrens behaviour
  • Gender stereotypes

4. What is gender identity?

  • Knowing what gender you are
  • Whether we are male or female
  • The psychological label we apply to ourselves when we say 'i am a man' or 'i am a woman'
  • Being masculine or feminine

5. What is a double standard?

  • Being controlled by your partner
  • Allowing boys to do one things and it being ok but then if a girl did it, it would be seen as promiscuous.
  • Being able to have a job and look at children
  • The process where children are told off.


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