Gender Identity

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1. What is this defining?- the social, cultural and psychological aspects of being either male or female.

  • Female
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Sex
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2. When was Francis's research carried out?

  • 1968/69
  • 1997/98
  • 1970
  • 2011

3. What is Androgyny?

  • When people identify themselves are being neither masculine or feminine but rather a third gender.
  • The change from being one gender to another.
  • A sociologists
  • Someone who wants to be the opposite sex.

4. Who said there was a double standard?

  • Willis
  • Oakley
  • Francis
  • Statham

5. Define gender roles?

  • The process whereby we learn to perform the socially accepted characteristics for a given gender.
  • The ability to perfom tasks that would be seen as incorrect for the individuals gender.
  • Being a man and working.
  • Being a woman and doing the cleaning.


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