Gender socialisation

How boys and girls are socialised by agents of socialisation 

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  • Gender Socialisation
    • The most important role we play is our gender role. Gender roles teach us how to act in the appropriate way for our gender. eg Masculine & Feminine behaviour.
    • Gender socialisation is mostly taught by parents through : Nicknames, toys, books and media
    • ANNA OAKLEY: : suggests gender roles in our society are constructed by society e.g agents of socialisation rather than biologically determined. she argues that gender socialisation had four elements
      • Manipulation- this is when parents encourage or discourage behaviour depending on what they believe is appropriate gender behaviour
      • Canalization- parents direct their children's interests towards appropriate games and toys for their gender
      • Verbal Appellation- using language to label children that reinforces their gender identities.
      • Different Activities- Girls are encouraged to participate in indoor activities that are domestic in nature, while boys are encouraged to play outdoors


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