gdr ; est rule ; extent gdr democracy ; volkskammer + landerkammer

in original '49 constitutions elections were to be held how often?
every 4yrs
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first elections held in what year?
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with how many members?
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did other political parties run?
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was there any contest in elections?
nah not even
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what did sed do with number of seats for each party?
predetermine before elction
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most other political parties had to accept leading control of sed in what of political parties
'national bloc'
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volkskammer also included reps from mass orgs e.g?
fdj / dwf
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whichwere all co-ordinated as?
'national front of the gdr'
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turnouts in elections often over what %?
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this in reality was a reflection of what?
voting was compulsory
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and what happened to those that failed to vote?
fined / imprisoned
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how did electors vote?
take piece of paper with predetermined name on it and drop it in the ballot box
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if voter didn't wish to approve the candidate what would they do?
cross out candidates name but had to do so in separate voting booth w/o secrecy
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what could consequences for this be?
loss job / uni place / close stasi surveillance
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only way of voting for alternative was by doing what?
leaving the country
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how did they give the appearance the volkskammer was a body of differing political orgs?
president of it usually not from sed
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what was their job?
pass legislatioon
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but mainly in practice just dd wht?
approved laws already decided by sed politburo
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how often did it meet?
only for few dayseach year
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sign of?
lack of power
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states chamber
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where volkskammer means?
people's chamber
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represented how many historic german states in gdr?
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made up of representatives from where?
assemblies of different lander
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and operated on same principles as?
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with reps chosen frmo?
range political parties
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on what basis?
predetermined (shocker)
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and who dominant?
sed (another shocker)
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role was that of upper house, how?
had power to suggest new laws and veto any of the laws approved by
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in practice what did it act as?
another rubber-stamp for politburp
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did it ever use its veto power?
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incersaing frg/gdr differences led to lander being abolished when?
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then replaced with how many bezirke?
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each of which under control of?
sed member
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smaller regions made it easier for gov to do what?
suppress dissent / prevent regional power stronghold
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whne was the landderkammer abolished?
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first elections held in what year?



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with how many members?


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did other political parties run?


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was there any contest in elections?


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