gdr ; collapse ; reunification so rapid ; collapse sed gov + elections

when did SED collapse?
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and when were the next elections?
march '90
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in rest nov '89 over how many egermans visited wberlin?
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vast majority returned but how many stayed in west?
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despite krenz efforts opening wall didn't do what?
restore faith / hope in SED / GDR
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SED fell apart in which way?
bottom up
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@ local levels officials felt who failing to function?
party mechanics
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revalations of what became public knowledge?
higher up corruption
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such as what splendour for SED?
guarded forest community
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and exclusive acces to western goods through?
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why did this affect grass-roots members?
felt ideologically lost / betrayed
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what destroyed illusion of stability / permanence?
opening wall / rotation politburo leaders
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krenz gov tried do what with reform promise?
stem emigration
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proposals inc what kind electios?
free all-party
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what kind of meida?
non gov-ctrl
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and what on economy?
liberalisation of ctrls
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division forming in party on what issue>
whether reformed GDR should cont to exit as german nation separate from FRG
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on 1st december volskkammer amended constitution ot do what?
end SED leading role
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and two days later what did krenz do?
resign bc new impossible for popular support
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immediately what convened to facilitate talks between bloc parties no longer subservient to SED?
round tab;e
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along with new oppositional groups like?
democracy now / new forum
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round tbale org designed to promo internal GDR reform like?
national elections / new constitution / dissolution stasi
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oppositional groups that heloed bring about rev still wantded?
gdr identity
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but believed of third way which was?
democtratic neutral gdr just existing next to FRG
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however why reunification anyway?
overwhelmed by popular opinio
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last SED action was promotion of who?
modrow as leader who now fronted relaunched party SED-PDS
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modrow whose preferred choice of leaer?
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new gov had political structure designed to remove?
politburo / central committee
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for instead?
council of ministers
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quickly including members opp grps as who inc into it?
round table
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modrow as new pm announced?
free elections / eco-reforms reducing socilaist centrall planning
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but emigration cont'd w/ how many leaving for west in jan '90?
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no more fear of what if left for west?
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which gave pop confidence to do what?
pp in demonstratios
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in eye of ppl GDR close to?
economi / political / moral bankruptcy
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on chrysler day '89 where was christmas concert?
new brandenberg gate
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chorus made up of singers from uk / us / ussr / france and sung finale ode to joy but changed to?
ode to freedom
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clear indication of what?
support for independent gdr declining
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who hoped cling to some independence
remnants old guard
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when did protest @ stasi hq begin?
15th jan '89
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which began to reveal what about stasi?
extent to which covert inf penetrated soc
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officers caught doing what?
shredding / burning as much evidence as possible
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protesters did what?
saved incriminnating files + ransacked builging
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ppl realised what about the GDR?
not worthsaving ajd wgerman model attainable
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in effort to implement quick solution to all the striking etc in first 2 months of '90s what happened?
may elections brought to march
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in campaign round table groups modified views to include/
slower reunification programe based on equal merger
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which three groups merged to form Alliance '90?
IFM / New Forum / Democracy Now
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while who were confident they'd get majority?
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what did SED rename themselved?
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what coalition was dominated by CDU?
'Alliance for Germany
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and they called ofr?
fastest FRG reunification
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with what happening?
FRG absorbing GDR and adopting capitalist economy
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who won 48% of vote?
'Alliance for Germany'
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who won 22%?
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who got 16%?
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mostly from who?
officials and intelligentsia
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core grp supporters who wanted to stick to what they knew 4 security
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what mught help explain their poor performance?
informal structure / casual org / meagre resources
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what was the general trend in thos that called for what recieved most electoral suport?
fastest reunifiaction
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so then who won the election?
'Alliance for Germany
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with how many of the 400 volkskammer seats?
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one of most effective CDU draws was intervention of who?
chancellor kohl
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and when were the next elections?


march '90

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in rest nov '89 over how many egermans visited wberlin?


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vast majority returned but how many stayed in west?


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despite krenz efforts opening wall didn't do what?


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