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  •  within a week it bacame 9mil visited the west. 
  • Most returned but those who chose to take up residence in the west avaraged 2000 per day in December, January and February. A LOSS OF NEARLY 1MILL FROM EAST IN THIS PERIOD. 
  • Weakened the east German economy even further and placed a huge burden on the FRG aswell. 
  • the opening of the bourder encoraged new oppsotion demands! SED tried to curb these with Krenz offering free elections but the party members felt like the solutions were to radical and the people felt they didnt go far enough. 


  • His appointment temporarily stabilised the government 
  • He offered concrete reforms compared to vage promises 
  • Although he rejected reunification he did talk of building 'cooperative existance' and links to EEC. 
  • seperated party and state power- power shifted from the SED to the volkhammer. 
  • 200,000 germans returned their party membership cards in November. 
  • Party corruption was exposed, thr activity and brutality of the stasi and the luxury of wandlitz all spread by newly liberated media. 

3rd DECEMBER: Krenz stepped down as Chairman of the council of ministers. 

Over the following months round table talks took place between Modrow gov and opposition party leaders, a climate of suspicion was still present inhibiting quick progress, people felt that it could return. 

  • Most who participated in the Round table talks were commited to a 'third way'- a society half way between…


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