GCSE Chemistry C3 - All the Topic 1 'Qualitative Analysis' test

1. To test for halides, which two substances are added?

  • dil nitric acid and silver nitrate
  • dil hydrochloric acid and barium chloride
  • dil hydrochloric acid
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2. What colour flame do potassium ions produce?

  • Lilac
  • Orange - yellow
  • Brick red

3. Which colour precipitate will iron (III) produce when NaOH is added?

  • A white precipitate
  • A brown precipitate
  • A dark green precipitate

4. What is the test for ammonium ions?

  • Add phenolphthalein and it will turn pink if ions are present
  • Gently heat the test tube and test the gas given off with moist red litmus paper. It should go blue.
  • Add methyl orange and it will go colourless if ions are present

5. If carbonate ions are present, which gas will be produced?

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Hydrogen chloride


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