GCSE Chemistry Tests

I found these tests that someone had put into a revision document but thought it would be easier if they were on revision cards.

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Flame Tests

Flame tests.

Lithium: Red

Calcium: Brick Red

Sodium: Yellow

Potassium: Lilac

Barium: Green


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Precipitate tests

Precipitate Tests.

When added to dilute hydrochloric acid:

Aluminium: White

Magnesium: White

Copper: Blue

Iron 2+: Green

Iron 3+: Brown

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Silver Nitrate

When added to silver nitrate:

Chloride: White

Bromide: Cream

Iodide: Yellow

Sulphate + Barium Chloride: white.

Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid: Carbon Dioxide (turns limewater cloudy)

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Instrumental Analysis and Other tests

Instrumental Analysis

Mass spectrometer- Works out the relative mass so elements can be identified.

Chromatography- Separates compounds that vaporise.

UV Spectroscopy- Amounts of different substances.

Nuclear magnetic resonance- How atoms are arranged.

Infra-red Spectroscopy- Finds out about bonds


Other tests

Unsaturated ions turn bromine water colourless.

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Sorry they are all over the place but they do the job.



wats this to do with revision

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