Fundamental ideas in Chemistry

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1. What do elements in the same group have in common?

  • The same number of protons and neutrons
  • Different number of protons and neutrons
  • The same number of electrons on the outer shell
  • The same number of protons
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2. Why are the elements in group 0 unreactive?

  • They have neutrons and protons
  • They have full outer electron shells
  • They have no electrons
  • They have the same amount of protons

3. Why are atoms neutral?

  • The number of electrons, protons and neutrons are the same
  • The number of neutrons are greater than the number of protons and electrons
  • The number of electrons equal the number of protons
  • They have neutrons in the atom

4. What compounds are made of metal and non-metal ions

  • Ionic compounds
  • Giant covalent compounds
  • Covalent compounds
  • Metallic compounds

5. What is the atomic number?

  • The number of ions in an element
  • The number of protons in an element
  • The number of electrons in an element
  • The number of atoms in an element


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