Chemistry: Fundamental Ideas

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  • Fundamental Ideas
    • Atoms , Elements and Compounds
      • Elements: 100 different types.
      • Atoms: elements are made up of one type of atom.
      • Compound: formed when two or more elements combine together.
    • Atomic Structure
      • nucleus at the centre of the atom contains two types of particle:
        • Protons
        • Neutrons
      • Atomic Stucture : of an element is equal to the number of protons in the neutleus of its atom
      • Mass Number: total number of particles in the neucleus of an atom.
      • MATH SKILLS: number of protons = atomic number. number of electrons= number of protons. number of neurons= mass number -- atomic numberl.
    • Forming bonds
      • Alkene : Double bond
      • Alkane: Single bond ( 2n + 2)
      • Non metals gain electrons to form negativly charged ions.
    • Arrangement of electrons in an atom.
      • Group 1 : elements that react quickly with water and oxygen.


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