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2. What does the primal horde story show?

  • Women are sex objects
  • Guilt results from murder
  • Society needs rules
  • Men are fuelled by sexual desire

3. What is Freud's idea of conscience?

  • It is our subjective moral compass
  • It is made to stop us giving in to our primal desires
  • It is a product of what our parents tell us
  • It is the voice of God

4. What are the three levels of the consciousness?

  • Unconscious, pre-conscious, post-conscious
  • Unconscious, conscious, post-conscious
  • Unconscious, pre-conscious, conscious
  • Pre-conscious, conscious, post-conscious

5. How do we get a good conscience?

  • By having the superego successfully control the id and ego
  • By following what everyone else does
  • By having the ego successfully control the id and superego
  • By having the id successfully control the ego and superego


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