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2. How did Freud gather information about Little Hans?

  • Hans' father provided the case information
  • Freud called up Hans each time
  • They conversed via email
  • Freud met with Hans each time

3. By age 5, how did Hans’ phobia develop?

  • It lessened before it disappeared altogether
  • It stayed the same
  • It got worse
  • It was limited to only horses carrying carts

4. What did Freud say the children fantasy represented?

  • The development of an Oedipus complex
  • The Oedipus complex
  • A friendly resolution of the Oedipus complex
  • His family

5. What reason did Freud give for horses making good father symbols?

  • They are aggressive
  • They look like Hans’ father
  • They have large penises
  • They are big


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