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1. What real-life event could be linked to Hans' phobia of horses?

  • Hans saw a horse collapse in the street
  • Hans was threatened by a horse
  • Hans was bitten by a horse
  • Hans was trodden on by a horse
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2. How many times did Freud meet Little Hans?

  • He never met him
  • No more than twice
  • Three times
  • Only once

3. What reason did Freud give for horses making good father symbols?

  • They have large penises
  • They look like Hans’ father
  • They are big
  • They are aggressive

4. Why did Hans develop a fear of castration?

  • His mother threatened to send for a doctor to cut his 'widdler' off
  • He was playing with his 'widdler'
  • He saw a horse get injured
  • He was afraid of his father

5. What was the design of the study?

  • A clinical case study
  • An individual case study
  • A personal case study
  • A case study


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