Frankenstein and The Handmaid's Tale

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1. What did religion promote in their societies?

  • The scriptures of God.
  • Preservation of life and the opposition of science.
  • The importance of being holy.
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2. What scientific advancement inspired both authors?

  • Cloning.
  • Galvanism.
  • Vaccinations.

3. "Who hath withheld from thee...

  • ...the fruit of the womb."
  • ...the secrets of existence."
  • ...the virtues of life."

4. Why do both authors use a first person narrative?

  • To make the story more real.
  • To show that they are the narrator.
  • Because there is more than one person narrating.

5. "The Wall [...]

  • ...the precautions are for those trying to get out."
  • ...the bodies hung."
  • ...too large to scale."


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