A Comparison of Monsters - Frankenstein and Dracula


A Comparison of Monsters


  • Both characters are derived from famous pieces of Gothic literature.
  • Both represent fear and terror.
  • Both characters take part in monstrous activities such as murder, blackmail, stalking, torture and more.


  • Represent different types of fear - Dracula strikes terror as the half-man, half-bat with a thirst for human blood. Frankenstein's monster  strikes both terror and repulsion as a hobbling zombie compiled of human organs and limbs
  • Frankenstein's monster is a monster created by man. Dracula is a beast in his own nature and was not derived from man's doing.
  • Frankenstein's monster became a monster due to his restricted upbringing and poor socialisation - whereas Dracula was a monster from the start and a monster by blood.
  • Frankenstein's monster was given a conscience - he is intelligent and well-spoken, he also feels despair and loneliness with being a beast- he didn't choose to be a monster. Dracula, on the other hand, is depicted as 'evil incarnate'- he is, by nature, a predator and exists solely to feed on the lives of others to achieve eternal life himself.
  • Dracula is a monster who appears to be a man. Frankenstein's monster is a man who appears to be a monster.
  • Frankenstein's monster is portrayed in a way that others pity him - he is the oppressed rather than the oppressor. Dracula is seen to simply take life from others - he is not oppressed, simply selfish. Dracula will seek any means to live on as a God for eternity, taking any means necessary.
  • Dracula chose his monstrosity and his reputations - monstrosity chose Frankenstein's monster and he had no say.
  • Monstrosity is present in Frankenstein through both Victor and the monster - Victors eagerness to achieve a 'God-like' status and apprehend the powers of mankind lead him to become a monster by human error. Whereas, Dracula is a force beyond man - he is truly monstrous and that can be proven by both his origin and his actions.

Overall comparison

Dracula is a much stronger and monstrous character as he cannot be killed by easy means. Whereas Frankenstein's monster, who does eventually fall to evil, has a more tragic tale. Frankenstein's evil side was born out of a lack of love and compassion, whereas Dracula was born with it and never knew anything different - he embraced his power and his monstrosity. 


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