Formation of Relationships

1. Matching hypothesis suggests...

  • We will form relationships with those of a similar level of attractiveness to us as the relationship is more likely to occur.
  • When forming a relationship we will fulfil other's needs in order for our needs to be fulfilled
  • We form relationships with those with adaptive qualities that will promote survival and help future offspring survive
  • Physical attractiveness isn't the most important factor in forming relationship, other factors such as emotion are more important
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2. What theory did Bynre and Clore suggest?

  • Sociobiological theory
  • Reward/need satisfaction model
  • Complex matching model
  • Matching hypothesis

3. What did Lott find?

  • Physical attractiveness is more important to men in forming a relationship than women
  • Women in collectivist cultures are more focused on the needs of others than their own
  • High levels of dopamine in the subcortial reward regions of the brain

4. Which study found that high levels of dopamine in the subcortial reward regions of the brain?

  • Lott
  • Byrne and Clore
  • Aron et al.
  • Takeuchi

5. Who developed the complex match hypothesis?

  • Thibaut and Kelly
  • Hatfield and Spreecher
  • Walster
  • Byrne and Clore


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