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What is internalisation ?
When a person accepts a groups norm - private and public change
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What is identification
when you identify with a group value - public change but not private
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What is compliance
going along with others - superficial change
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What is ISI?
informative social change
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What does it involve?
cognitive process - with the desire to be right
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When does ISI occur?
it occurs in new situations where one person regarded as being an expert
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what is NSI?
normative social influence
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what does it involve?
it is the desire to behave like others and not look foolish
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When does NSI occur ?
it occurs around people you know as you need social approval
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how many pps were in Asch's task?
123 American male students
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what percentage did pps give the wrong answer ?
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what percentage conformed at least once?
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why did most pps conform?
pps conformed to avoid rejection (Normative social influence)
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what were the variables in Asch's research?
Group size, unanimity and task difficulty
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what was the result of group size?
with 2 confederates = 13.6% 3 confederates = 31.8%
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What was the result of unanimity?
presence of non conformer reduced conformity
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Results of task difficulty?
conformity increased as task becomes more difficult.
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why was 'child of the time' a limitation?
Perrin and Spencer = 1/396 conformed. pps felt more confident so reduced conformity
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why else?
1950s conformist time - so Asch effect not consistence over time
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What was another limitation?
situation and task artificial
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Why was this a limitation?
pps knew being studied so there is demand characteristics - findings don't generalise to everyday situation
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What is a last limitation?
only studied on American males so statistical insignificant and cannot be generalised to wider population or women.
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What did Zimbardo research?
mock experiment to see conformity to social roles
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how many pps in Zimbardo research?
24 emotional stable - randomly assigned to guards or prisoner
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what were the results of the study
2 days in the prisoners rebelled
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what happened to the prionsers?
the guards effected the prisoners psychological and physical health - after rebellion prisoners became depressed,
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What is identification


when you identify with a group value - public change but not private

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What is compliance


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What is ISI?


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