Film studies theory

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1. what is the oppositional reading?

  • your own added values and opions
  • when you take the preffered reading
  • The audience may reject the preffered reading and recieve their own message.
  • the opposite reading
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2. How does the "reception theory" work?

  • by seeing how the audience reacts to the film.
  • Based on Stuart Hall's encoding and decoding of the media which is used to explain the relationship between the text and the viewer. The text is encoded by the director and decoded by the viewer.
  • by holding a large reception with figer sandwhiches and cocktail drinks.

3. What is moral panic

  • when you start to get hot and clammy as
  • to do with the dealing of violence and drama in the media.
  • when your morals are questioned

4. what is the preffered reading?

  • What the producer hopes the audiecne would take from the text.
  • when you want it
  • when you prefer to read a book rather than a comic
  • when you have an opion over something rather the other

5. what is the negoitionted reading??

  • Acknowledge the preffered reading but modfying it to their own values and reads.
  • when you get the producer's hoped view on the text
  • when you adapt it to your own values and opions
  • when you change it.


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