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2. What is IVF?

  • Another woman carries the child.
  • An embyro created outside the womb.
  • Donated gametes
  • Medical assistance is needed to aid the process.

3. Roman Catholics believe...

  • It brings wanted children into the world.
  • It is okay as long as the child is loved.
  • You cannot separate the unative and procreative aspect of having a child/
  • Jesus was healer, it only encourages this message.

4. A key controversial issue is...

  • It isn't sacrosanct if God isn't involved.
  • What is it isn't wanted?
  • What happens to the embryos which aren't used?
  • What is the parents aren't religious?

5. What is AIH?

  • Donated gametes
  • Another woman carries the child.
  • Medical assisted is given by a doctor, like prescription drugs.
  • An embryo created outside the womb.


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