Family diversity and Family/Social Policy

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What do modernists such as functionalists and the New Right say about family types
only the nuclear family is normal and other family types are deviant
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The neo-conventional family, a dual-earner family in which both spouses go out to work and not just the husband
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five types of family diversity: organisational diversity, cultural diversity, social class diversity,life-stage diversity and generational diversity
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Organisational diversity
refers to the differences in how family roles are organised
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Cultural diversity
different culture, religion or ethinicity in family structures
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Social Class diversity
differences in family structures depend on the result of income differences in households
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Life-stage diversity
family structures differ according to the stage reached in the lifecycle such as young newlyweds and couples with dependant children
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Generational diversity
older and younger generations have different attitudes that reflect how they interact in society and the family
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What do postmodernists believe about postmodern society
individuals have more choice in their relationships and family practices
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The Individualisation thesis
argues that traditional structures have lost influenceleading to more choice and diversity but also more instability.Individuals look for the pure relationship solely based on satisfying their own needs
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The pure relationship GIDDENS
relationship no longer bound by traditional norms, it exsists solely to satisfy each partner's needs
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The connectedness thesis
argues that people are not simply isolated individuals and that wider structures such as family connections still limit choice
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Functionalist view on social policies
supporting the family in performing its functions for the benefits of all its members
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argues state professionals exercise control and surveillance intervening with family life, 'policies are a form of control over families'
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What can social policies do?
may work to undermine or support different kinds of family
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What do the New Right argue about social policies?
over generous welfare benefits for unmarried mothers encourage a dependancy culture
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What do feminists argue about government policies?
argue government policies legitimate the heterosexual patriarchal nuclear family and make other family types seem less valid
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Individualistic gender regimes
policies are based on the belief that husbands and wives should be treated the same
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Familistic gender regimes
where policies are based on a traditional gender division between male breadwinner and female housewife
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The neo-conventional family, a dual-earner family in which both spouses go out to work and not just the husband

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