Factors affecting the rate of enzyme action

Environmental conditions, such as pH and temperature, change the 3D shape and structure of enzyme molecules. This is a quiz about those conditions.

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1. For each 10°C rise in temperature until an optimum temperature is reached, the rate of reaction...

  • halves.
  • doubles.
  • stays the same.
  • triples.
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2. Most enzymes have an optimum temperature of...

  • 40
  • 20
  • 60
  • 80

3. SMALL changes in pH outside the optimum can result in...

  • an increase in rate of reaction.
  • a decrease in rate of reaction.
  • inactivation.
  • denaturation.

4. In a graph showing rate of reaction on increasing substrate concentration, the limiting factor near the end that causes a plateau is...

  • enzyme concentration.
  • temperature.
  • substrate concentration.
  • pH.

5. Increasing enzyme concentration will cause the rate of the reaction to....

  • increase.
  • stay the same.
  • decrease.


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