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2. what was Locke's analogy?

  • he states that a man wakes up in a room that unknown to him is locked from the outside. his ignorance of the locked door lead him to illusion that he has free will.
  • burning building. cause and effect

3. what did Locke come to?

  • the past was unchangeable and fixed and therefore the future must also be unchangeable and fixed.
  • the past is unchangeable and fixed but the future can be controlled

4. which external factors are humans limited by?

  • religious obligation
  • causation, genetics and conditioning
  • morality, human law and the conscience

5. what did Locke say about the illusion of freewill.

  • it is due to the ignorance and the lack of understanding of causation.
  • being able to pause and reflect before making a choice.


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