English Literature: Carol Ann Duffy The Good Teachers

Talk about the title "The Good Teachers"
'Good' is sarcasm.
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"You run round the back to be in it again"
It = the school photo
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"No bigger than your thumbs"
Relates to the literal size of the photograph
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"Those virtuous women"
Sarcasm - mixed reflection of school day
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What number is there repetition of?
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"You breathe on the galss?
Breathes on school photo/faded - or window in History out of boredom.
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"making a ghost of her"
Metaphor - memory, long time ago, not relevant anymore
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"say South Sea Bubble Defenestration Of Prague"
Alliteration - odd words of what she has said/snippets
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"You love Miss Pirie"
Shows he affection for her teacher - genuine
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"serious, passionate. The River's tale of Rudyard Kipling by heart"
Miss Pirie possible an english teacher - so can connect enjoyment.
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"Her kind intelligent green eye. Her cruel blue one."
Two sides of Miss Pirie
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"You are making a poem up for her in your mind"
Trying to impress Miss Pirie - juxtaposition to history teacher
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Who has a whole stanza dedicated to them?
Miss Pirie
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"Comment vous appelez"
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"Equal to the square of two other sides
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"Dar es Salaam. Kilimanjaro."
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"The good teachers swish down the corridor in long, brown skirts, snobbish and proud and clean and qualified."
Sarcastic tone returns list of adjectives - mocking - 'swish' - elegance. They think they are better than everyone else.
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"And they've got your number"
Watching you - got an eye on you. Parents phone number - not trying hard enough
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"You roll the waistband of your skirt over and over, all leg"
Roll skirt up to make shorter - 'rebel'
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"all dumb insolence, smoke rings"
Going out - childish - insolence - won't do as she's told. Cheeky - challenging authority but didn't know any better
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"you won't pass. You could do better."
Not clever. Different voices = teacher's perspective
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"But there's the wall you climb into dancing, lovebites, marriage, the Cheltenham and Gloucester, today. The day you'll be sorry one day"
Metaphor for growing up - going against odds - improving. Regrets what she has done - keen to grow up. Shows transition. Building society = dull image - associated with growing up
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"You run round the back to be in it again"


It = the school photo

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"No bigger than your thumbs"


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"Those virtuous women"


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What number is there repetition of?


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