English Literature: An Inspector Calls Character Profile - Gerald Croft

Quote to support the view Gerald is Respectable
"the easy well-bred young man-about-town"
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Quote to support the view Gerald is Upper-class
"landed people and so forth"
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Quote to support the view Gerald is A liar
"I wasn't telling you a complete lie"
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Quote to support the view Gerald is Traditional
"I should say so!" (Gerald agreeing with Birling)
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Talk about the theme Young and Old
If it wasn't for Gerald, it'd be easy to say that Mr and Mrs Birling are selfish and unchanging because they're too old. But Gerald's character shows that younger people can be just and selfish and old-fashioned.
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Talk about the theme social class
Gerald might have made Eva/daisy happy for a time, but he still treated her badly because of her social status. He kept her as a mistress for his own pleasure and discarded her when it suited him.
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What is the impression on Gerald at the beginning of the play?
Gerald seems like a good catch, he gets on well with Mr Birling and impresses Sybil Birling.
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What event changes the audiences' mind on Gerald?
When we find out the Gerald has been lying - he confesses that he had a fling with Daisy Renton last summer. Sheila hands his engagement ring back.
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What does Gerald lead the Birlings' to the revelation of?
That Inspector Goole was not a police officer and that there was no suicide recorded at the hospital. He sides with Mr Birling, focusing on how to protect their reputation.
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What four positive characteristics does Gerald have?
He's handsome, wealthy, about thirty - a respectable man-about -town.
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Who is the social superior, Birling or Croft? why?
Croft because he is from an old country family unlike the Birlings.
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Where does Gerald work? What significance does this have?
For 'Crofts Limited' This is his father's firm, and is older and bigger than 'Birling and company'. the two companies are "friendly rivals". Gerald will probably take over 'Crofts Limited' when his father retires.
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How is Gerald different to Eric?
He's relaxed and confortable in this company, and shares jokes with Birling.
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How is Gerlald like a younger version of Mr Birling (B)?
He agrees with B on politics,women&laughs at his jokes bout getting in trouble.He supports B sacking of Eva.Hes business minded&committed to work - same as B.Theyre the ones who are determined to take action to find out whether Goole/Eva were real
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Quote to show that Gerald supports Arthur's sacking of Eva Smith.
"You couldn't have done anything else"
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Who is less passionate about the tragedy? Sheila or Gerald? How?
Gerald - he can distance himself from it.
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When Gerald says "Everything's all right now, Sheila" what does this show?
He is trying to comfort her - he doesn't seem to have learnt any lessons.
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Who is the first character to use the word "hoax"
Gerald - he's very keen to prove the Inspector was a fake and clear everyone's names.
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What effect does Gerald's line that Eva/Daisy "didn't blame me at all" on the audience.
The audience possibly don't blame Gerald much at first because Eva/Daisy didn't.
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Why is Inspector Goole less harsh on Gerald?
Because he "had some affection for her and made her happy for a time" Gerald had some positive effects on Daisy Renton's life.
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How did Gerald leave Eva/Daisy?
Effectively homeless - he left her and went off on a business trip.
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What does Gerald have the ability to do that Eric doesn't?
Separate his public, respectable image from secret, private acts.
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Talk about when The Inspector asks Gerald whether he thinks "young women ought to be protected against unpleasant and disturbing things?"
Gerald says yes, thinking of Sheila, but it's people like Gerald who are doing these things to women like Eva - he uses her and then discards her. This applies just as much to Birling and other men like him who have the same attitudes.
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