An Inspector Calls - Character profiles

An Inspector Calls - Character profiles. Each character, explained with their traits. Good luck!

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An Inspector Calls ­ Character profiles
Inspector Goole
Arrives unexpectedly
Outsider in the Birling family
Nothing in common with the Birling's
Driving force of the play
Different world to the Birling's
Comes from outside the class system
o Not part of a conventional society
Treats everybody the same, regardless of class
Priestley's mouthpiece
Inspector challenges the Birling's
Arthur Birling
Pleased with himself
Successful businessman
Shelia's marriage is a business deal to him
Won't accept responsibility for Eva's death
Doesn't care about the others
Selfish and self-centred
Public figure
Family falling apart
Obsessed with status
Eva Smith
Birling's take away all sources of her income
Her name is generic to show she could be anybody
She never sought revenge so the Inspector does it for her
She's central to the plays overall message
We never actually personally meet her ­ she's an offstage character
Priestley uses her to teach the Birling's about collective social responsibility to
make them realise their mistakes
Just an ordinary working class girl
Priestley uses Eva to tell both the Birling's and the audience that everybody is
responsibility for everybody else
Gerald Croft
He's seen as a good catch but he's lying and malicious
Rosy future ahead of him
Doesn't think he's done anything wrong

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He's of a higher class to the Birling's so Arthur wants to get him into the family
He gets over Eva's death very quickly
Many men used women and they abandoned them when they were finished with
them ­ Gerald is a typical example of this
Sybil Birling
Proud of her status
Tradition values
Strong set of beliefs
Lives by very strict standards
Extremely prejudice against the lower class
She supports charity but isn't charitable
She has the authority to decide who deserves help from…read more



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