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Describe what Kuiper found?
Created difference theory. Men pay less attention in order to save face. In order to express solidarity use insults
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What did Pilkington find?
All Female talk women aim for positive politeness strategies. Men use insults to express solidarity
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Jennifer Coates?
Difference Theory: Female talk- co-operative, speakers support each other, negotiate discussions
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Deborah Tannen?
Women- looks to feel supported, look to make friendships, and use politness strategies to make proposals
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Tannen- men
Men- see convos as competition, seek advice and solutions, use direct imperatives, prepared to argue for preferances
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Name the different approaches associated with Language and Gender- theorists for each
Deficit approach- Lakoff (women's language lacking compared to mens)
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Dominance Approach- Lakoff & Zimmerman and West- Men dominate mixed sex conversations (more power?)
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Difference approach- Coates, Kuiper, Pilkington, Tannen- variation between M and F language- belong to different sub- cultures
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What is a marked term and what role does it play in lang and Gender?
Marked term is one that changes between the male and female equivalent- feminizing suffixes. Female terms often perjurated. Mens term seen as normal
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What are patronising terms?
they imply superiority over the person they are speaking to. e.g. terms that imply they are younger- young lady. Terms of endearment- love dear
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How can grammar be sexist?
in terms of syntax- order of preference e.g. Mr and Mrs/ Pronouns- he/ his can often be used to describe both males and females
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What is over representation?
when there is an uneven balance between male and female terms- in this case insults.
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Power in spoken discourse?
Fairclough- Power Asymmetry. Constraints/ unequal encounters. Coulthard & Sinclair- IRF. Grice's Maxims
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What are Grice's Maxims?
Maxim of: Quantity (make informative contributions but not too much), Quality (truthful and with evidence)
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Maxim of relation (be relevant), Manner ( be brief and orderly, avoid being obscure or ambiguity
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criticisms of Grice's maxims
doesnt cover the whole of human communication- dishonesty for example
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what is pragmatics?
the context in which texts are written
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What are the different word classes?
Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Determiners, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions.
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What are determiners?
A modifying word that determines the kind of reference a noun or noun group has, e.g., a, the, every.
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What did Pilkington find?


All Female talk women aim for positive politeness strategies. Men use insults to express solidarity

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Jennifer Coates?


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Deborah Tannen?


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Tannen- men


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