Energy and Ecosystems

Looks at energy transfere, food production and pest control. 

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1. Which pyramid is this a positive for - easy to read and understand?

  • Energy
  • Number
  • Biomass
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2. Which of these isn't a reason why only 1% of the suns energy is not used in photosynthesis?

  • Wrong wavelength
  • Used for respiration
  • Reflected back into space
  • Light may not fall on Chlorophyll
  • A limiting factor

3. How has the use of antibiotics in farming adversely affected humans?

  • Increased antibiotic resistance
  • More meat
  • Increased human disease

4. What is net production?

  • Energy lost during respiration
  • Energy used as biomass
  • Light trapped by plant
  • Energy gained during respiration

5. What additional energy is added to a agricultural ecosystem?

  • Food and fossil fuels
  • Sun, food and fossil fuels
  • Chemical and solar
  • Fossil fuels


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