Energy and Ecosystems

Looks at energy transfere, food production and pest control. 

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1. Which of these is not a reason for only a few trophic levels?

  • Some parts can't be digested
  • Not all of an organism is eaten
  • Detritroves eat most
  • Energy lost through repiration
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2. Which of these isn't a reason why only 1% of the suns energy is not used in photosynthesis?

  • Light may not fall on Chlorophyll
  • Used for respiration
  • A limiting factor
  • Wrong wavelength
  • Reflected back into space

3. What is energy transfer measured in?

  • KJ m-2 year-1
  • Jouels
  • Kg m-3

4. Which pyramids cannot have an inverted triangle

  • Energy
  • Biomass
  • Number

5. How does restricted movement aid rate of growth?

  • Less energy in muscle contractions
  • Not targeted by preditors
  • Less heat loss


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