Energy and Ecosystems

Looks at energy transfere, food production and pest control. 

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1. What is it called when extra fertilizers has no impact on yield?

  • Law of diminishing returns
  • Limiting factor
  • Rubbish fertilizer
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2. What is energy transfer measured in?

  • KJ m-2 year-1
  • Jouels
  • Kg m-3

3. Which pyramids cannot have an inverted triangle

  • Energy
  • Biomass
  • Number

4. How has the use of antibiotics in farming adversely affected humans?

  • Increased human disease
  • Increased antibiotic resistance
  • More meat

5. What additional energy is added to a agricultural ecosystem?

  • Fossil fuels
  • Food and fossil fuels
  • Chemical and solar
  • Sun, food and fossil fuels


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