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2. Sewage treatment plans are where...

  • We use machines to inject waters with chemicals to process the water.
  • We use microorganisms to break down the bodily waste we produce.
  • We use volunteers to help clean the sewage from the waste we produce.

3. What is biomass?

  • The mass of vegetation in an ecosystem.
  • The dry mass of living material in an animal or plant.
  • The mass amount of food eaten by an animal.
  • The body mass of an animal or plant.

4. What type of organisms are decomposers?

  • Helicobacter Pylori
  • Detritus Feeders
  • Biomass Decay Proteins

5. Why is biomass lost in faeces?

  • Because not all of the biomass an animal eats as energy can be used, therefore the remaining biomass that hasn't been digested is lost in faeces.
  • Because the biomass an animal eats is excessive to what the animal really needs, therefore the biomass that the animal doesn't need is excreted as faeces.
  • Because the animal has an instinct to excrete, and therefore biomass is often lost in faeces.
  • Because the animal feels guilty of taking energy from the environment and not giving anything in return, therefore it looses some biomass as faeces.


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