Please don't use this quiz as a staple revision source. I have made flash cards for P2 (not electronically) and when filtering through which answers I know and which I don't, this quiz is based on all the flash cards I didn't know. 

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1. What is critical mass?

  • The minimum mass of fissile material (uranium) that is able to sustain a chain reaction.
  • The TIR.
  • The maximum mass of fissile material (uranium) that is able to sustain a chain reaction.
  • The amount of KE energy produced in fission
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2. How do coolants control chain reactions?

  • By using kinetic energy
  • Changing thermal energy into electrical energy to power turbines
  • Removing the thermal energy produced in fission reactions so it can be used to heat water to produce steam to power turbines
  • By slowing down fast moving electrons

3. What will experience air resistance?

  • Nothing
  • All objects moving in the air experience air resistance
  • Stationary objects
  • All objects moving undergroud

4. What is cold fusion?

  • Fission
  • Slow moving electrons
  • A theory that nuclear fusion could be done at room temperature (however it was rejected as it couldn't be validated)
  • Fusion that is cold

5. How does the KE produced from fission, in nuclear power stations, power turbines?

  • When KE is turned into heat and used to boil water to make steam - the steam powers turbines
  • When KE just powers turbines
  • The KE is changed to electrical energy which powers the turbines
  • The KE faces air resistance


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