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2. Which of the following are all not basic igneous rocks

  • granite, granodiorite, diorite, rhyolite, felsite
  • basalt, andesite, dolerite, gabbro
  • grainte, andesite, gabbro, feliste

3. Which of the following are all metamorphic rocks?

  • Marble, slate, phyllite, gneiss, schist, quartzite
  • conglomerate, sandstone, shale, mudstone, basalt
  • basalt, slate, diorite, flint, marble, granite

4. Which of the following are all layer silicate minerals?

  • Galena, quartz, gypsum, muscovite, halite, barytes, iron pyrites
  • quartz, feldspars, pryoxenes, amphiboles, olivine, garnet.
  • hematite, quartz, silica, potassium feldspar, talc, chert

5. What is the correct order of the geological time periods?

  • Holocene, pleistocene, pleiocene, miocene, oligocene, eocene, cretaceous, jurassic, triassic, permian, carboniferous, devonian, silurian, ordovician, cambrian
  • cambrian, ordivician, silurian, devonian, carboniferous, permian, triassic, jurassic, cretacrous, eocene, oligocene, miocene, pleiocene, pleistocene, holocene
  • ordovician, holocene, cambrian, carboniferous, cretaceous, eocene, devonian, silurian, permian, jurassic, oligocene, triassic, pleiosene, miocene, pleistocene


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