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This revision set will help you learn 10 key words for Design and Technology, and a bit of information on computerised fabrics as well. Read them, then get revising!

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a detailed working model of a product
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laser cutter
a tool for cutting, scoring or engraving; it uses an infrared beam
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acts as an electronic switch in circuits
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light dependant resistor
a resistor that changes its resistance when it detects light; used as a sensor
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balanced diet
eating the correct foods in the correct amounts
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chemical substances found in foods; the body needs them to keep us alive
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to apply fabric onto fabric to create decoration; can be sewn by hand or machine
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seam allowance
the amount of fabric left between the stitching line and cut edge of the fabric (or the amount of space provided to sew a seam); usually 1-5cm gap
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computer aided design (CAD)
specific software to enable designing and drawing on the computer
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isometric drawing
a from of 3d drawing; isometric projections use vertical lines and lines drawn at 30º to the horizon
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What are some uses of computerised fabrics?
Changing colour, shape and from. Heating up, charging a phone, store energy from the body.
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Who might be suitable users for computerised fabrics?
Actors, elderly people, soldiers, cyclists.
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laser cutter


a tool for cutting, scoring or engraving; it uses an infrared beam

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light dependant resistor


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balanced diet


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