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2. After Faustus sees the seven deadly sins he says it was as pleasing to him as

  • heaven was to God
  • paradise was to Adam
  • hell was to Lucifer

3. Fill in the missing words 'Go and return an _______________; that holy shape _____________'

  • old Franciscan friar _____________ becomes a devil best
  • old honest priest _____________ becomes a blasphemed angel
  • old holy minister ______________ becomes a fateful devil

4. 'The watch strikes..._____________... thunder and lightning'

  • Lucifer arrives
  • Mephistopheles drags Faustus to hell
  • The clock striketh twelve
  • The time beckons

5. 'Enter Mephistopheles_________________________'

  • with conjuring books
  • with a crown in his hands
  • with a devil dressed like a woman
  • with Lucifer and a devil


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