Doctor Faustus key quotes quiz

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1. 'the stars move still, time runs; the clock will strike________________'

  • Mephistopheles will lead Faustus to Lucifer
  • the devil will come and Faustus must be damned
  • Lucifer will take Faustus to hell
  • and Faustus will rot in hell
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2. '_____________________ I'll burn my books. Ah Mephistopheles'

  • Ugly hell, gape not. Come not Lucifer
  • Ugly hell, gape not. Wretch'd Lucifer
  • Ugly hell, gape not. Take me Lucifer

3. Who does this apply to? 'Cutting his arm'

  • Ralph
  • Faustus
  • Mephistopheles
  • Lucifer

4. Which part of the play is this quote from 'His waxen wings did mount above his reach'

  • Act 2, scene 1
  • The chorus
  • Act 1, scene 4
  • The final scene

5. 'Enter Mephistopheles_________________________'

  • with Lucifer and a devil
  • with conjuring books
  • with a devil dressed like a woman
  • with a crown in his hands


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