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2. 'Ah Christ, my saviour__________________________'

  • seek to save distressed Faustus' soul!
  • save Faustus whilst he lives!
  • Faustus despairs!
  • Faustus has sinned

3. 'the stars move still, time runs; the clock will strike________________'

  • Mephistopheles will lead Faustus to Lucifer
  • and Faustus will rot in hell
  • the devil will come and Faustus must be damned
  • Lucifer will take Faustus to hell

4. 'the devils_____________'

  • exuent with him
  • drag Faustus to hell
  • torture Faustus
  • exuent to hell

5. Finish the quote '_____________ is a mighty God'

  • A fine conjurer
  • A sound magician
  • A sorcerer
  • Faustus


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