Doctor Faustus Quotations

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A sound magician...
Is a mighty God
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To [Beelzebub] I'll...
Build an altar and a church
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Dispair doth...
Drive distrust unto my thoughts
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Confound these...
Passions with a quiet sleep
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Here will I dwell for...
Heaven be in these lips
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Mountains and hills...
Come, come fall on me and hide from the heavy wrath of God
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The clock...
Strikes eleven
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The old man
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Bell, book, and candle...
Candle, book, and bell, forward and backwards send Faustus to Hell
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But Mercy, Faustus...
Of thy saviour sweet, whose blood alone must wash away thy guilt
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Faustus hit...
Him with a box to the ear
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Whose waxen...
Wings did mount above his reach
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Melting Heavens...
Conspired his overthrow
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I'll have them fill...
The public schools with silk
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Thou art...
Too ugly to attended on me
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Oh Faustus, leave these...
Frivolous demands which strike a terror to my fainting soul
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I'll join...
The hills that bind the Afric shore
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Ay, and Faustus...
Will turn to God again
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What art thou Faustus...
But a man condemned to die? This fatal time doth draw to final end
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Good Faustus, I see...
An angel hovers o'er thy head
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The shortest cut...
For conjuring is to abjure the trinity
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I do repent...
And yet I do despair
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Her lips...
Sucks forth my soul, see where it flies!
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O, would I had...
Never seen Wittenburg, never read book
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I'll burn...
My books
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Cut is the branch...
That might have grown straight
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Whose deepens doth...
Entice such wits, to practise more than heavenly power permits
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Oh, what would I...
Not do to obtain his soul?
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Had I as many...
Souls as there be stars, I'd give them all to Mephistopheles
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Oh, my...
Leg, my leg
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Hast thou not...
Obtained that end?
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A sound magician...


Is a mighty God

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To [Beelzebub] I'll...


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Dispair doth...


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Confound these...


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