Scene 2 of Dr Faustus

General points about Scene 2

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Scene 2

Repeated pattern of phrases in this scene which creates tension.

1st cycle: Faustus contemplates damnation and repentance then the Angels fight their causes. At midnight Faustus calls Meph. and the gain is the contract must be sign in blood if so Meph. will satisfy Faustus curoisty about the soul.

2nd Cycle:Faustus cuts his arm: blood congeals and homo fugue appears on his arm but Meph. distracts him so Faustus signs the deed and Meph. brings Faustus books and a whore.

  • Faustus expresses doubt.
  • Persuasive efforts are made to influence him (Angel / Supernatural)
  • Faustus becomes resolute.
  • Faustus enjoys the gains of his devilish contract.
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Scene 2 cont.

3rd cycle: Faustus recognises that the scientific info from Meph. is inadequete and seeing heaven reminds Faustus of God. The Angels speak briefly but Faustus considers the pleasures he has gained so he discusses astrology with Meph.

4th cycle: Faustus banishes Meph. to hell and the Good Angel succeds so Faustus calls of Christ for redemption. Belzebub and Lucifer appear with Meph. who persuade him and terror him into submission. Faustus vows to think and speak only devilish thoughts. Faustus is then rewarded with the pagent of the deadly sins each of which he cross questions.

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Scene 2 cont.

Faustus comes close to saving himself but the power of darkness shows its ability.

The pageant of the sins: display standards by which others can be judged and the implicitly question Faustus own sins.

The gains Faustus recieve are neither real or lasting but temporary distractions.

When Faustus is presented with a wife, he is offered a whore. Mephistophilis cannot be involved with the rites of Christianity.

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Here's a hot whore indeed.

What power can hurt me.

Faustus gives to thee my soul.

Homo Fugue! Yet Faustus shall not fly

My heart is hardened; i cannot repent.

Hath Mephistophilis no greater skill ?

In hell is all manner of delight.

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