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Painting the exterior
Peindre l'extérieur
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Repairing the roof
Réparer le toit
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Adding a room
Ajouter une piéce
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Insulating the windows
Isoler les fenêtres
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Repairing the shutters
Réparer les volets
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Installing a shower
Installer une douche
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Re-carpeting the living-room
Retapisser le séjour
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Planting trees in the garden
Planter des arbes au jardin
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Changing the bathtub
Changer la baignoire
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Fitting a security devise to the doors
Équiper les portes d'un dispositif de sécurité/sûreté
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Fitting out the loft
Aménager le grenier
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Changing the boiler
Changer le chaudière
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Repainting the lounge
Repeindre le salon
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Installer cupboards in the loft
Installer des placards dans le grenier
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Paving the pavement
Paver le trottoir
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Plastering the cracked walls
Plâtrer les murs lézardés
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Clearing the garage
Débarrasser le garage
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Redecorating the appartment
Redécorer l'appartement
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Starting up the car
Démarrer la voiture
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Installing a dishwasher
Installer un lave-vaisselle
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Cleaning the washing-machine
Nettoyer le lave-linge / ls lessiveuse
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Repairing the roof


Réparer le toit

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Adding a room


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Insulating the windows


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Repairing the shutters


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