Irregular verbs in the present tense

The verbs which don't use the normal endings, in the present tense.

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Être - to be

I am - je suis

you are (familiar) - tu es

he/she/one/it is - il/elle/on est

we are - nous sommes

you are (plural/formal) - vous êtes

they are - ils/elles sont

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Avoir - to have

I have - j'ai

you have (familiar) - tu as

he/she/one has - il/elle/on a

we have - nous avons

you have (plural/formal) - vous avez

they have - ils/elles ont

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Faire - to make/to do

I make/do - je fais

you make/do (familiar)- tu fais

he/she/one/it makes/does - il/elle/on fait

we make/do - nous faisons

you make/do (plural/formal)- vous faites

they make/do - ils/elles font

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Aller - to go

I go - je vais

you go (familiar)- tu vas

he/she/one/it goes - il/elle/on va

we go - nous allons

you go (plural/formal) - vous allez

they go  ils/elles vont

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Vouloir - to want

I want - je veux

you want (familiar)- tu veux

he/she/one/it wants - il/elle/on veut

we want - nous voulons

you want (plural/formal) - vous voulez

they want - ils/elles veulent

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Devoir - must/to have to

I must - je dois

you must (familiar) - tu dois

he/she/one/it must - il/elle/on doit

we must - nous devons

you must (plural/formal) - vous devez

they must - ils/elles doivent

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