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2. Smoking's effect on the cilia?

  • Prevents mucus build up
  • Causes cillia to be damaged
  • Causes cillia to become dry and irritates the throat
  • Causes cillia to be covered

3. What is emphysema?

  • a disease that causes the enlargement of bronchioles
  • a disease that causes enlargement of alveoli
  • a disease that is characterized by the inflamation of the lungs
  • a disease that causes smoking

4. What causes diabetes?

  • Pancreas eating itself from the inside out
  • Pancreas' inability to produce enough insulin to regulate glucose levels
  • Pancreas' ability to produce enough insulin to regulate glucose levels
  • Eating too much sugary food and carbs

5. What is coronary failure?

  • Heart's inability to pump blood at the rate required
  • The effect of obesity on the body
  • The clogging of arteries
  • The body's inability to cope with a pumping heart


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