Developmental Psychology

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1. Why did Bowlby suggest attachment is adaptive and innate?

  • A mothers care adapts an infant future romantic relationships
  • It has evolved for the purpose of survival and future reproduction
  • Mothers adapt their care to suit their infants temperament
  • Infants adapt their crying when they are feeling different things (Eg, hungry, tired)
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2. What does learning theory link attachment to?

  • Pleasure
  • Food
  • Associations
  • An infant's mother

3. What did Main&Weston find when evaluating the strange situation?

  • Nothing, this is not a real study
  • Disorganised children have a severe attachment disorder
  • Children behave differently depending on the caregiver they are with
  • Japan has a lot of Insecure-Resistant children

4. What is Privation?

  • A child who keeps secrets from their Mother
  • The process of keeping research data anonymous in a psychological study
  • A child never having formed an attachment with their mother
  • A child not knowing their father

5. In Bowlby's juvenile thieves study, how many thieves were studied?

  • 44
  • 55
  • 66
  • 77


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