developmental psychology

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  • developmental psychology
    • studies
      • Chaney Et Al
        • funhaler
          • compliance
      • Bandura
        • bobo doll
          • aggression
    • principles
      • lifespan psychology
      • hollistic approach
      • no single explanation
      • innate behaviours
    • strengths
      • helps positively influence childrens behaviour
      • reinforcement techniques will make children perform and behave better
      • validates developmental psychology area
    • weaknesses
      • cant interpret thoughts and feelings of children
      • bandura didnt know it was aggression. could have just been playfullness
      • invalid data which reduces overall validity
    • applications
      • 9pm watershed
      • health care and the compliance of children
      • getting children engage in medical areas
      • learning through observation - in schools


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