Detente 1969-80

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1. What did basket 2 of the Helsinki Accords agree?

  • The superiority of the West in the creation of high-tech consumer goods
  • To respect human rights
  • To expand trade and share technology
  • The recognition of the Soviet bloc
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2. What restricted US-Soviet trade that was passed by congress?

  • The Jackson-Vanik Amendment
  • The 28th Amendment
  • The Brezhnev Amendment

3. What was US defence spending in 1970?

  • $287 billion
  • $406 billion
  • $500 billion

4. What was the name of the country the US considered to be firmly in its sphere of influence but became communist in 1979?

  • Ethiopia
  • Nicaragua
  • Hawaii

5. What was the significance of the Moscow Summit,1972?

  • Showed that neither superpower was fully committed to discussing arms reduction
  • Showed that the superpowers were committed to working together
  • Showed that agreements were difficult to make


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