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2. What limits did the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty set?

  • Each superpower is allowed 1 Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield
  • Each superpower only allowed 2 Anti-Ballistic Missile Shields
  • Each superpower allowed 1100 Ballistic Missiles
  • Neither superpower is allowed an Anti-Ballistic Missile

3. Why did Detente appeal to both superpowers?

  • They both needed to reduce their defence budgets
  • They wanted to be friends

4. What did basket 2 of the Helsinki Accords agree?

  • The recognition of the Soviet bloc
  • The superiority of the West in the creation of high-tech consumer goods
  • To expand trade and share technology
  • To respect human rights

5. How large was the Soviet economy in comparison to America's economy?

  • Soviet economy was 1/6th the size of the US economy
  • Soviet economy was half the size of the US economy
  • Soviet economy was 2/3rd the size of the US economy


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