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Martha Graham Choreographies?
Lamentation, Diversions of Angels
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Dates of choreographies?
1930, 1948
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Lamentation costume?
long purple tube of material with hood, restricting jersey.
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Themes of Lamentation?
1920's America's Great Depression - unemployment, worst economic disaster in American history. Many went hungry, resembles peasant woman. Statue of Russian Beggar Woman by Ernst Barlach, expressionist artist.
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Aural setting of lamentation?
Zoltan Kodaly, somber notes, off key piano - different dynamics & varied volume. Frantic & pause, direct correlation.
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Other physical setting of Lamentation?
Blank stage with lone bench, dark lighting, single spotlight.
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Interpretation of lamentation?
Restricted costume shows trapped/trying to escape, reaching out - reaching for help, shaking head in distress.
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RADS of lamentation?
Deep plie in 2nd, shaking head. Swaying head side to side, stretching costume. Distressed face, clutches arms to chest holding costume, reaches hood over head & curls over. Stays on spot.
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Costume of Diversions of Angles?
White dress, Red dress, Yellow dress.
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Aural setting of DoA?
Norman Dello Joio
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Other physical setting of DoA?
Bare stage, blue lighting & backdrop.
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Interpretation? DoA?
White dancer - mature love in ocuples, perfect balance. Red - ****** love, showing off. Yellow - Adolescent love, young & exciting.
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Themes? DoA
Garden of love, loveliness of youth, pleasure & playfullness, quick joy & sadness of being in love for first time.
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RADS? white dancer
White: Graceful, slow & controlled, lifts & supported by male, trust. Use back of stage, repetition sustained mvoement, unsion copy eachother.
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RADS? red dancer
many turns & flexible kicks, showing off, looking down/at partner. Fast movements & dynamics, left men.
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RADS? yellow dancer
Fast moving, jumps across stage swinging arms wildly in a ciruclar motion. Enters & exits quickly, little runs, speeds across front of stage. Energetic & free, linear pathways.
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Flesh and Blood by and date?
Lea Anderson, 1989
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Sections looked at?
Angel duet, Insects, Cathedral
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Dates of choreographies?


1930, 1948

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Lamentation costume?


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