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Five Basic Body Actions
Rotate/Turn, Elevation/Jump, gesture, locomotion/travel, balance/stillness
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WHAT you do. (jump, roll,twist etc)
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WHERE you are. (personal, general, size etc)
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HOW you perform the movement. (fast, medium, slow, strong, heavy, light, fine, sharp)
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WITH WHOM is in the space. (solo, duet, trio, unison, canon, question, answer, mirroring, meeting, parting)
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Dance styles
Charleston, rock n roll, the twist, saturday night fever, micheal jackson, street dance (diversity)
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importance of a warm up
it prepares the body for physical exertion, allowing the muscles and joints to have mobility before any exercise or dance class. prevents any injury to the muscles or joints. raises the body temperature and blood supply to the muscles.
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what else does a warm up do
raises your hheart rate, mobilises the joints and stretches out all major muscle groups.
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a single movement/short phrase that is 8 counts long that communicates the dance idea and is capable of being developed.
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motif development
a development of the original motif which manipulates the movement.
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performance skills
expressive skills give the performance its own energy (makesit engaging to watch and makes you respond emotionally)
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the dancers sightline/where they look
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the energy and power of the performance and the way the dancer drawers in the audience.
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sense of style
the dancer trying to emulate (rival) the distinctive ations and qualities of the dance.
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communicating an inner feeling for or sensitivity to the accompaniment.
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communication of the dance idea
the dancer understanding and empathising with the mood/meaning of the dance and communicating that feeling to the audience.
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technical skills
the ability to control what the body does. the way you execute a movement. (confidence, flexibility, stamina, control, alignment, coordination, strength, posture)
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health and safety with other dancers
good special awareness tomove around one another with fluidity. jumping over/under partner, you need to make sure the weight is on the correct areas of the back. a strong base for them if they are leaping over. no obstacles. you know what youre doing
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more health and safety
you know where to hold them if you are lifting and make sure you land safely and softly through the feet.
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weight on the back
lower base of the spine/pelvis and the top of the shoulders - strongest areas
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WHAT you do. (jump, roll,twist etc)

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