Cuban Missile Crisis

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Why was Truman worried about Communism?
China had become Communists in 1949. Soviets has their own nuclear weapons. Most of Eastern Europe was Communism. In 1950, Communist North Korea invaded Capitalist South Korea.
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What did Truman try to do to combat Communism?
He used containment which also meant he had to find allies and give them weapons.
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What is SEATO?
South-East Asia Treaty(1945)
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What is CENTO?
Central Treaty Organisation(1955)
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What is the fear factor?
Americans feared that the Soviets would launch a nuclear war as the Soviet Union was bigger. Khrushchev got the USSR to build lots of inter-continental ballistics.
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Where is Cuba?
Off the coast of Florida, a large island, 160km away.
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Who was General Batista?
The Cuban ruler provided by the Americans with economic support and military support.
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Why did the US support him and why was he unpopular in Cuba?
The US supported him because Batista opposed Communism but he was unpopular because he was a dictator and corrupt.
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Who was Fidel Castro and when did he come into power?
He was the person who overthrew Batista after a three-year guerrilla campaign. He came into power in 1959.
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Why didn't the US support him and why did they worry about him running Cuba?
Castro might introduce Communism into Cuba and he took over the businesses in Cuba and took land which he gave to his supporters. USA lost their influence in Cuba after Castro's arrival.
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What was the Bay of Pigs?
President Kennedy supplied arms for 14,000 anti-Castro exiles to invade and overthrow Cuba. They were met 20,000 Cuban troops at the Bay of Pigs and the invasion failed disastrously (April 1961).
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What were Khrushchev's options after the Bay of Pigs?
To bargain with the USA. To strengthen his position in the USSR. To catch up in the arms race. To defend Cuba. To launch nuclear war on the USA. To test Kennedy.
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What is Mutually Assured Destruction?
If two opposing sides were involved in a nuclear war against each other, it would cause the complete annihilation of both sides.
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What did the Soviet Union announce in May 1962?
They announced for the first time that they were supplying Cuba with arms. By July, Cuba was the best-equipped army in Latin America.
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What were Kennedy's options after he found out that nuclear missiles were being built Cuba?
Do nothing. Surgical air attack. Invasion. Diplomatic pressures. Blockade.
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What was the October crisis?
On 14th October 1962, an American spy plane flew over Cuba where it took photographs which showed evidence of missile sites being built.
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What did Truman try to do to combat Communism?


He used containment which also meant he had to find allies and give them weapons.

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What is SEATO?


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What is CENTO?


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What is the fear factor?


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