critical victimology

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1. the state's power to apply or deny a label to the victim

  • 'victim' is a social construct by the state ie. when police don't press charghes against a man assulting his wife denying her as a victim
  • patriarchy poverty powerless groups such as women victims
  • pictures in frames
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2. Tombs + Whythe note that the ideological function of this 'failure to label'

  • conceals the true extent of crime
  • lets everyone know teh true nature of the crime

3. crime creates

  • beneficial seem cool for being avictim
  • fear for it coming a victim
  • good for becoming a victim

4. Class poorest

  • more likely to be vuctimised
  • less liekly to ve victimised

5. critical criminology

  • ignores role of individual ie. not making home safe
  • shows the role of individual ie. not making home safe


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