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Ellie Mae Waddington - Brown, rodillian academy, 37783, 3223
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candidate, personal management skills, performing arts
I am a suitable candidate as i have greate personal management skills in the performing arts.
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confident, work well in performances
I am confident in my work and can work well when it comes to executing performances
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enthusiastic, team work
I am enthusiastic about the performing arts and can work well as a team with everyone else backstage
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Calmly before and after
As well as that i can work calmly before and during the performance of sweet folly
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preparing, setting up, performance
When it comes to preparing for the practical set up and then the performance.
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punctual, directors meeting, questions, notes, correct tracks, directors vision
I will be punctual for the directors meeting as well as asking relevent questions to be able to make the correct notes and be sure the performance will have the correct tracks and overall sounds to get it as close as it can be to the directors vision
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equipment check, in house PA system
Before begining to plan the placement i will perform an equipment check and check f the venue will have an in house PA system.
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mixing desk, levaliers, XLR, speakers
I will do this in order to see what equipment might be needed to brought in such as a mixing desk, levaliers, XLRs, or speakers if a portable PA system will be used for Sweet Folly
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setting up, balance phones, effects
I am capable of setting up microphones and balaning them accordingly as well as adding effects such as reverberation (echo), pan, equaliser.
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hearing damage, feedback,gradually turning masterfader up
I am awear of possible hearing damage turning up the master fader especally when working with levaliers.
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rough floor plan, staging blocks, speakers, stands, mics
i will also draw a rough floor plan for where the staging blocks, speakers, mic stands and mics will be if hand held mics are used.
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cue sheets, following scripts attending rehersals
as well as that i can create cue sheets in case someone else takes over for the night of the performance. i will be able to create these from following the script or from attending the rehersals of sweet folly
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quickly and efficantly, levalier, tripping hazard
I can quickly and efficantly set up a levalier, hand held radio mic or a regular microphone using a multicore and XLRs though they would look messy so they wouldnt be used during the performance and they would pose as a tripping hazard.
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portable PA system, hand held microphones
and would look out of place with the setting if either the speakers for a portable PA system is used or if hand held mics are used.
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microphone stands, amps
though i can set it up if its needed. i can set up a microphone stand accordingly to where it will be placed. as if its a guitar amp was used I would close mic it near the speaker cone.
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legs of mic stand, set point of mic stand, angled
i will set the legs of the stand out wide to make the base of it more stable. the stand will be set to its lowest point and will be angled down to the speaker.
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mic clip, AKGC1000, counter weight, H&S
I will be sure to place the mic clip on the mand and then place the AKGC1000 mic in the clip. I will check the counter weight is in the correct space so the microphone wont fall over during the performance.
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XLR, connect to microphone, then mixing desk, have it balanced and then sent to speakers
After that i will wrap the XLR into the mic stand and then connect it before connecting it to the mixing desk. with someone tapping against the microphone i will be able to balance it and then have it sent out to the speakers
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creative, levaliers, placement.
I am creative when it comes to the placement of the levaliers. they can be around the side of the face where they would normally be with the wire placed under the clothing to the belt pack which acts as a transmitter for the levaliers.
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levaliers, clothing, hair
levaliers can be sown into clothing such as shits top pocket or hidden within the hair
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sensitive, source easily, hand held,
the resons levaliers can be hid so easily is because they are very sensitive and can pick up sound from a source very easily where as hand held microphones can be placed at least six inches away before they cant pick up cound any more.
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referance chest height to source
for reverance thats around chest height to mouth or source
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radio mic reciever,
when setting up ant radio mic a reciever will also be needed
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radio mic hand held or levalier, batteries
this is a reciever and first the radio mic, either hand held or a belt pack for a levalier will need batteries and then syncing up with the reciever.
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XLR, balance it, mixing desk, speakers
after that an XLR would connect it from the back of the reciever. i would then balance it through the mixing desk for it then to go out to the speaker.
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reviewing application, concider me, creative, punctual,
thank you for reviewing me application and i hope you will concider me for this job as i am creative and punctual and know a lot about my area which is sound. i can create floor plans and cue sheets for sweet folly
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candidate, personal management skills, performing arts


I am a suitable candidate as i have greate personal management skills in the performing arts.

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confident, work well in performances


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enthusiastic, team work


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Calmly before and after


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