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  • The Charity we have chosen is SLATE, which stands for SUPPORTED LIVING ADVICE & TENANT AGENCY.
  • SLATE is Shelter NI project and is based right here in Omagh.
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This project started in 2003 after an initiative by Shelter NI, Omagh Council and the Housing Executive.

SLATE  aims to support young people aged 16-25 who find themselves homeless or at a risk of becoming homeless or just in need of some guidance and advice. 

Also as part of SLATEs support  service they  can house  6-10 young adults aged between 18-25 years on their  Floating Support Service, this service provides housing related support services.

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Read from SLide 

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Key Objectives of SLATE

Provision of a safe and supportive living environment with flexible and intensive support service.

Develop an agreed programme that will develop skills required in achieving social integration, self-confidence and a sense of security 

Encourage the creation of new skills and motivation to be able to move on to a more sustainable and permanent housing option that will sustain independent living.

Assist young people to access employment or a suitable programme of training or education relevant to the needs required of the young person.

Liaising with any other person or organisation who can promote independent living for young people 

Acting as an advocate on behalf of young people.

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All participants will develop support planning with a Support worker.

The Support worker will help the young people with the opp0rtunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Support plans are reviewed on a regular basis and young people can ask for a review at any time.

Provides temporary accommodation within the local community.

Assistance in setting up the home.

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Budget preparation.

Entitlement to housing benefit.

 Application for crisis loans in relation to deposits.

Rent in advance.

Furnishing for the move on project.

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The SLATE project will provide young people with an aftercare service for up to 6 months after your have moved on from the project.

SLATE never stop caring for the people who come under their care!

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Another of SLATE's many offerings is the Resource Centre, which is a free space for young people, a safe haven, to come and relax and talk to experienced staff.

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The Resource Centre is also somewhere young people can access information, guidance or support too. 

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SLATES experienced team are always on hand to listen to any problem young people might have, help them look at their options and help point them in the right direction. The team are also very assertive of the fact that anything that is discussed is in the strictest of confidence.

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How will SLATE use the £3000 offered by YPI?

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The aim of this objective is to build partnership with the local leisure centre and give our service users a greater affordable choice with regard to health and fitness and realise the benefits this brings both individually and as a community.

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This new groundbreaking project is aimed to address and alleviate negative behaviours and give local disadvantaged and stigmatised young people an avenue to express themselves.

With the support from staff these, unfortunate young people will hopefully make new and long lasting lifestyle choices, which benefit the whole community.

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Through the use of this objective SLATE has been enabled to congratulate Charlene (below) on her performance at the Special Olympics Ulster.

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On the 14th of November at the  Omagh Leisure Complex, Charlene has gave her best and brought home 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal at a swimming competition. This a prime example of what this scheme can offer.

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